How does your retirement account look at your current contribution rate? Are you like many who look at the target date reports and don’t feel great about the progress you’re making?

Retirement Account Audit (RAA). Employer sponsored retirment plans are so important, but how does your product selection stand up to other plan sponsors for companies your size?

We offer a review, free of charge, to our clients who use only one of our other professional services. The review includes:

  • Current product research
  • Investment policy benchmarking
  • Asset allocation/Portfolio balancing
  • Fund manager assessment

College Savings

Do you have school aged children? Perhaps your children are still small, but you’re worried that college tuition fees will be too high for them to afford college by the time they graduate high school?

College Savings Plans. Education savings accounts and 529 plans provide parents a secure means to save for their children’s tuition costs.

Alternative Investments

  • Hedge Funds
  • Derivatives
  • Private Equity
  • Stock and Options Contracts

Passive Fund Management

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Index Funds have become a much more popular means to invest over the past decade or so. Many brokers have sweetened the deal by offering low to zero fee investments. However, they aren’t an “end all” solution for avoiding long-term market volitility. While some funds have a strong track record of producing consistent returns, this will not be the case for all investors. Let’s explore together what your options are.

Active Fund Management

Active fund management is a general term which describes any fund where a manager is regularly engaged in portfolio analysis and making strategic adjustments to holdings in the fund through trading activities. Funds develop strategies which they believe can outperform the market for its asset class. At Rebalance Wealth, we track fund manager performance and grade investment products twice yearly to ensure the information about the products we offer our clients is current.